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Stoneco Wildlife Control

Seal Cracker Device - FEL or Government Sales Only

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Sold in Cases of 648 units.

Marine Mammal Deterrent that creates a large bang with a flash of light. Just light the fuse and immediately throw into the desired area but never directly at property, personnel or animals. This device is weighted and will sink into water.

Also known as Seal Bombs. These items can be seen being used by commercial fishermen on the show Deadliest Catch. 

The Seal Cracker can also be used for underground pests (i.e. gophers, moles and prairie dogs). Just light the fuse of the unit and flush down into the animal's tunnel with running water. The concussive force generated by the device will humanely kill the pests and destroy the existing tunnel.

A Federal Explosives Permit is required for Fuse Rope Salute purchases.

Shipping & Returns

FedEx Ground will be used for all shipments. Unfortunately, due to the regulations involved in shipping hazardous materials, we are not able to offer product returns. All orders must be cancelled prior to shipping to avoid additional fees.

Care Instructions

This product must be stored in the original packaging in a cool, dry, and SECURE (under lock and key) location.  Inventory control must be maintained for these shells. 

  • Shellcracker Safety Precautions

    1. The Design of the ShellCracker requires low muzzle velocity. As a result, the over-powder wad may stick in the barrel of the gun.  After waiting a sufficient amount of time, check the barrel of the gun after each ShellCracker is fired to assure there is no blockage.

    2. Ear, Hand, and Eye Protection Devices must be worn while using the ShellCracker.

    3. The ShellCracker can cause fire if used improperly,  Check for flammable material down range before firing.

    4. WARNING: It is dangerous to place a 12-gauge shells in a larger gauge gun.

    5. CAUTION: It is dangerous to fire the ShellCracker from a molded plastic flare pistol, or in a gun with a chamber shorter than 2 3/4 inches. 

    6. Do not use the ShellCracker in a gun with a barrel shorter  than 20 inches.

    7. For best results, the ShellCracker should be used within one year from the date on the box.

    8. For the best operating results, use a CLEAN GUN in good operating condition and one without a full choke.  The best results are obtained when using an open-choked shotgun.

    9. The ShellCracker is designed for bird and animal scaring, any other use is strictly prohibited by law.


    11. ADVISORY: In addition to item #3, we recommend that the gun barrel be at a 45 degree angle or greater while firing the ShellCracker. 

    12. The ShellCracker must be stored in the original packaging in a cool, dry, and SECURE (under lock and key) location.  Inventory control must be maintained for these shells. 


    14. In addition to the above safety precautions, standard gun safety and handling procedures should be followed.  These shells should only be used by persons experienced in gun safety and handling.